Standard Monochrome LCD Module

BUNSUN Monochrome LCD Module

Producing a full range of TN, STN, HSTN, FSTN, CSTN, TFT LCD panels, as well as COB, COG, COF and TAB packages in segment, character and graphic dot matrix LCD of rubber, pin and heat seal can be adopted according to your requirements
Communications, marine, industrial, instrumentation, medical equipment, consumer, office equipment, white goods, consumer electronics, telecommunication devices, household appliances, office automation, IT products, and industrial meter display, such as digital multimeter, electronic dictionary, remote control, mobile phone, calculator, fax machine, CD, DVD players, and MP3 players.

The list below is our standard offering. However, BUNSUN Displays has many more customized solution and special sizes available as options. Please contact us via mail to sales@bunsundisplay. com for more information.

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