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8 inch 1024x600 High Brightness TFT display 450 cd/m²

8" High Brightness TFT LCD Display BN-01-MIXH-800

Screen Size :  8.0 inch
Resolution :    1024(RGB)×600 (WSVGA)
Brightness :  450 cd/㎡
LED Life Time :  40,000 hours
Viewing Angle :  70/70/60/70
Active Area : 176.64(W) x 99.36(H)mm
Outline Dimension : 192.8(W) x 116.9(H) x 6.4(D) mm
Interface : LVDS

Application Recommendation

8 inch High Brightness TFT LCD Display #BN-01-MIXH-800 supports display 1024(RGB)×600 (WSVGA) with aspect ratio of 16:9 (W:H), which is landscape mode.    As for mechanical detail, its active area of 176.64(W) x 99.36(H)mm, outline size of 192.8(W) x 116.9(H) x 6.4(D) mm, with anti-glare surface treatment. As a TN, Normally White LCM, it can provide high brightness 450 cd/m², ransmissive contrast raito 400:1, viewing angle  70/70/60/70 (Typ.)(CR≥10) (L/R/U/D) and best view direction on 12 o’clock. It is wide operating temerature -20~80C and backlight working lifetime 40K hrs. Based on its features, it is recommended as Industry and Automotive display.

Part Number BN-01-MIXH-800
 Resolution (Pixels) 1024(RGB)×60, WSVGA
Luminance 450 cd/㎡
Viewing Angle 70/70/60/70 (Typ.)(CR>=10)
Contrast 400:1 (Typ)
Surface Anti-Glare
Outline Dimension((H×V×D) 192.8(W) x 116.9(H) x 6.4(D)mm
Display Mode TN, Normally White, Transmissive
Display Colors 16.7M Colors
Pixel Format RGB vertical stripe
LED TYPE 36-CHIP WLED,  life time 40,000 Hrs
NTSC 70%
Response Time 10/20(Typ.)(Tr/Td) ms
Frequency 60HZ
Singal Interface LVDS (1 ch, 8-bit)
Input Voltage 3.3V (Typ.)
Operature Temperature -20~80℃
Storage Temperature -30~80℃

We understand that different customer or project has different requirement.

BN-01-MIXH-800 is exisiting 8 inch 1024×600 standard TFT module, high brightness 450nits, LVDS interface, without touch screen. Based on it we can do semi-customized product solution exactly tailored to your own end application.


The customized service includes:

  • touch screen of RTP or PCAP;
  • Custom cover glass;
  • Backlight adjustment;
  • Films and Filters
  • Inferface transferring;
  • Mechanical or enclosure modification;
  • Software optimization and Embedded intergration


Available Standard Models Solution

8 inch is one of the most market-popular size, Bunsun have 3 series respectively of 800×480 resolution, 1024×600 resolution and 800×1280 resolution. There are totally 11 standard models combing with different specs, please contact us to get more details if you are interest. They are all in mass status. Sample are available and lead time of MP  is stable about 4-5 weeks.

If above standard models are not suitable for your project requirement, we can offer customized solution tailored to your end application.

The customized service includes:

    • Polarizer, films and filters;
    • Backlight adjustment;
    • Inferface transferring;
    • touch screen;
    • Custom cover glass;
    • Mechanical or enclosure modification;
    • Software optimization and Embedded intergration
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