Realiability Test Machine For TFT LCD Display

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Reliability Test

The main purpose of reliability test, is to verify whether the product is capable to work normally under the expected external climatic and mechanical environment.

Furthermore, if the product’s expected lifetime is required as 10 or 20 years. It is impossible to take  10 or years to approve it. By instead, it is well recognized to do ALT(Accelerated Life Time) to verify it.

For any product, the higher reliability test condition guarantee means higher quality guarantee, and higher cost because of higher-level material selection and more strict produce process quality control.

Usually, Bunsun define reliability test at 3 stages,

Stage 1- Product R&D stage:  When the product prototype is finished, and use the prototype as test sample.

Stage 2-Trial-order stage: When the 1st trial-order is finished, and choose test sample from this trial order.

Stage 3-MP stage: When the part is in MP,random select test sample from MP product.

We have our own labotory. We do the test with below test machines.

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