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LCD Display Manufacturing Process

We Bunsun are a professional LCD display manufacturer with complete factory production line, and competent to produce monochrome LCD panel and module, TFT module, capacitive touch panel and cover glass.

With 1 complete produce-line, Bunsun is capable to produce all kinds of monochrome LCD technology like TN, HTN, STN and FSTN independently by ourselves, including frontend process of designing/making panel cell and backend process of LC injecting and polarizer assembly process.

For module process, there are 4 full automatic and 2 semi-automatic COG bonding produce-line. 1 SMT produce-line, 4 COB bonding machines. And another 10 flexible module assembly lines, for FPC soldering, bezel and backlight assembly etc.

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LC-Panel Frontend-Process Flows

PRE Cleaning

Clean the ITO glass to eliminate the dirt, and dry it.

PR Coating

Evenly print a layer of PR on the ITO side of the glass, and cure it.


Put the chrome mask on the ITO glass, then turn on the UV light. The part of PR without chrome pattern covered is exposed.

Process Developing

The exposed PR will be melt in alkali liquor but the unexposed PR is still left on the glass surface.

PRE-PI Cleaning

Etch the exposed ITO layer of the glass to get the ITO pattern the same as the chrome Mask.

PI Coating & Curing

Eliminate the rest PR on the ITO layer, to get the ITO pattern on the glass surface the same as Chrome mask.

LC-Panel Backend-Process Flows (9)

Module Assembly-COG Process Flows (11)

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