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What is Character LCD Display?

Character display is a kind of classic display, its layout has been standardized including formats of 8×1, 8×2, 16×1,16×2, 16×4, 20×2, 20×4, 24×2, 40×2 and 40×4.  1st number 8, 16, 20 or 40 means the character quantity on each line, 2nd number 1,2,4 means line quantity. Each character is a rectangle formed with 5×7 or 5×8 dot matrix.

Character LCD display is also called as Alphanumeric display. Because it is ideal for displaying capital and lowercase letters. With IC of different fonts, character LCD display is capable of displaying language of English, Japanese, European, Latin, Cyrillic and Arabic etc.

Character LCD display is applicable of diverse combinations of different LCD technology and various of LED backlight color to get a perfect and unique display look for your product. The available LCD technology could be TN, STN, FSTN, FFSTN and VA types. The polarizer type could be reflective type(no need backlight), transflective and transmissive type(need backlight). The popular backlight color includes yellow/green, blue, amber and white, as well as RGB backlight.

The market-popular character LCD Display are mostly module type, well assembled with driver IC, backlight. Based on IC type difference, it is classified as COB/SMT, COG and COF module.

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Module no. Display Format Outline Size Viewing Area Character Size Dot Size Driver IC VDD Interface
WxHxT(mm) WxH(mm) WxH(mm) WxH(mm)
BN-C802A 8×2 40.0×35.2×8.0 30.0×14.0 0.48×0.48 KS0069U 5V COB
BN-C802C 8×2 58.0×32.0x13.5 38.0×16.0 0.56×0.66 KS0069U 3V/5V COB
BN-C1601A 16×1 80.0×36.0x12.5 64.5×13.8 0.55×0.75 KS0069U 5V COB
BN-C1601B 16×1 122.0×33.0x12..0 99.0×13.0 0.92×1.10 KS0069U 5V COB
BN-C1602A1 16×2 80.0×36.0x13.0 64.5×13.8 0.55×0.65 KS0069U 5V COB
BN-C1602A3 16×2 80.0×36.0x13.0 64.5×13.8 0.55×0.50 KS0066U 3V/5V COB
BN-C1602A4 16×2 84.0×44.0x12.0 64.0×16.0 0.55×0.50 KS0066U 5V COB
BN-C1602B1 16×2 122.0×44.0x13.5 99.0×24.0 0.92×1.10 KS0066U 5V COB
BN-C1604A1 16×4 87.0×60.0x14.0 61.4×25.0 0.55×0.55 KS0069U 5V COB
BN-C2002A 20×2 116.0×37.0x13.5 82.8×18.4 0.61×0.63 KS0069U 5V COB
BN-C2002B 20×2 180.0×40.0x14.5 148.0×23.0 1.10×1.10 KS0069U COB
BN-C2402A 24×2 189.0×42.0x14.0 160.0×22.0 1.10×1.10 KS0069U COB
BN-C2004A 20×4 98.0×60.0x14.0 76.0×26.0 0.54×0.54 KS0069U 5V COB
BN-C4002A 40×2 182.0×33.5×13.5 154.5×16.0 0.65×0.60 KS0069U 5V COB
BN-C4004A 40×2 190.0x54x14.0 147×29.5 0.50×0.55 KS0069U 5V COB
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